Stripped - The Photo Series

The Story

For a few years now, I've played with the idea of creating my photobook. I wanted to tell my story through images creatively, but I was always terrified of what other people would think. No longer will I allow this fear to cripple me. I'm currently working on the book and completing the series. By this fall, the book will be for sale.


Definition: leaving bare of accessories or fitting. 

Often we put on make-up, fake lashes, implants, expectations, and ambitions, but we’re genuinely not happy. 

At home, in our comfort zones, we can be ourselves, and are stripped of everything we feel is uncomfortable and everyone’s expectations of us. When we stripped of all that makes us uncomfortable, we can truly breathe and let go of everything that holds us back. 

My goal is to live a life wholly stripped of everything, except what truly brings me joy and fuels my passion, which is My faith, my family, photography, and my real friends. 

A pastor I admire created this entire series encouraging and empowering people in the knowledge that they’re planted and not buried. He showed that our current circumstances would not last forever that God is working for our good despite the bad things we might be experiencing at this time. In time we will fully bloom into the individuals that God needs to fulfill his purpose. 

We rise, and we fall, but the essential part of the journey is that we rise. We often have this understandable fear of falling, but ultimately that’s not the healthiest thing for us. It causes stress, self-doubt and pushes us to doubt not only ourselves but our gifts. Falling and Failing is allowed as long as we rise in time. 

Our crowning moment, our finish line. Our ‘it is finished’ moment outside of what God has in store. The celebration of a completed project, a goal accomplished a victory won that is when we truly experience the peace, the strength, the passion, and the freedom of being ourselves truly ourselves and meeting our expectations Stripped of everything but our joy. 

Be Apart of the Project

Some have asked how they could be apart of the project or support the project. Right now we're in the shooting phase so any funds would go towards props, studio or space rental, and of course gas. Any remaining funds will go towards pre-production and printing.


You'd like to be a support of the project donations can be made through any of the methods shown below. Those who donate $100 or more will be mentioned in the acknowledgements.