There’s no need to panic when it comes to your headshots! I know photography and editing just like you know real estate and housing. I understand what you need and I'm here to do my best to help you get it. 

The Key Three

There are three key shots that you’ll need to obtain from your session these shots will create a versatile appearance in your arsenal. 


Waist Up 

Full Body

These can be useful for flyers, billboards, press mentions, and more. 

I also suggest action shots. It’s simply a picture of you in your working environment. This might be you sitting at a desk, or table with your laptop, a notepad and your cellphone, standing over a conference table in a power pose or outside of a listing that fits your personal brand, or gorgeous local scenery that speaks to your target audience. 

Wear Something Professional That Also Makes You Feel Confident 

Clothes are always a question when it comes to headshot, but it’s a question easily answered. Solid colors, With all the colors in the rainbow we must find the colors that show you as a capable, confident, and knowledgeable professional who is ready to get a deal done. Don’t let your clothing choices distract from this directive. 

Get a new outfit that you love. You’ll feel more confident going in with a brand new outfit.

Professional Hair & Makeup

I  can not express the need for professional hair and makeup more. Great makeup application will showcase your confidence, help hide any scarring, and give you the opportunity to feel amazing before your session. Yes, I will edit anything that I see personally, but great makeup will make it easier for us both. 

Use Your Headshot on Every Single Piece of Marketing 

When it comes to your marketing materials make sure your face is always seen. I would update your headshot every 6-12 months. clothing, makeup and hairstyle trends change. Your headshots should always been an accurate reflection of what a client can expect upon meeting you. 

It helps build a foundation of trust and kicks the relationship off on the right foot.

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