Musicians your image is very important especially when you’re building a brand. I’ve got some tips and tricks that have worked with several of the artist that I’ve worked with from Christian to Country & HipHop. 

  1. Know what you need. 

Photoshoots can’t be a last minute thing. You’ve got to think about the details what are the photos for? Do you need just some promo and content images or are these photographs for an album cover? Do you want action photos or do you just need headshots? 

2. Choose a Pro, but get the right one. 

We all have the technology to take good photos on our phones, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Find someone who is experienced in the genre of music that you perform in. A wedding photographer probably isn’t going to be your first choice for band photos. 

3. Be On Time - Be Prepared.

 Being on time for your session is the most important task of the day. Wasting a person who’s helping you invest in your careers time doesn’t really gain you any fans. Respect their time and they’ll respect yours.

Bring at least three changes of clothes. These should include an outfit that you could wear on stage, outfits in both light and dark colors and something that you’d be able to wear everyday. 

Bring some props - Your guitars, stage props, motorcycles whatever fits your personality bring it. Props can sometimes set the tone for your photographs. 

4. Get a Mixture of photographs 

Don’t just do the same headshots, or full body shots mix it up. Let’s get creative use the buildings or things around us and create something unique to you. 

5. TRUST your photographer 

As a photographer we know when something doesn’t look right in images or if something wouldn’t fit your brand very well .Trust our knowledge and expertise. It’s not that we’re TRYING to be bossy, but we make it our job to know what looks great and what doesn’t. 

Photoshoots are work, but relax and enjoy the ride. You’re getting your picture taken and building up for your future.