Often when you're with friends, you come up with crazy ideas and pray the work out for the better. Truth is my mind is consistently going with ideas, and I'm often too scared to ask people for their help, or when I do ask them, the design is too far outside of their comfort zone. No worries on my end at all. I STRUGGLE to explain things in words; others can understand, so when you learn to speak keesh, you're genuinely valued. 

Devon has learned to speak keesh fluently, and even after a shoot, when things in my head don't exactly turn out how I wanted, she helps me talk it out until I achieve what I wanted. She always advises me on different ways to make it better and easier next time. I truly cherish our friendship and can't wait to see what else we come up Lord knows I sleep better when the ideas are OUTSIDE of my head.

This session was one of the most challenging shoots; not only was it cold, but it was at an awkward angle. I'm not used to be over my subjects unless they're newborns (which I don't shoot often). I'm also slightly scared of heights, so standing on a ladder, Devon bravely fought the cold and holding her head above the water, and dealing with water in her ears. haha 

Here are some of the photos, and if you haven't followed me on social media for behind the scenes stuff, I encourage you to join my crazy little journey of photography, love and being extra as possible like... the Devon O's type photograph.  

With Love & Awkward Hugs,