I love playing with new styles of photography, and experimenting with bringing some of the best possible things to reality not only for myself creatively but for my clients. I've started dabbling in more contemporary portraits inspired by some classes that I'm taking. Education is essential, especially in an industry that's always changing. 

I've started painting and creating my backdrops because I want something unique not only to my clients but versatile so I can create different looks within editing as well. 

Blue is one of those colors that allows everyone despite their skin tone to stand out. It's one of those colors that gives me endless possibilities for creative edits and allows some very engaging black and white photographs as well. 

I can't wait to experiment and build more work using this backdrop and a few others I've got in the works. If you see me in hobby lobby, Michael's or any other craft store talking to myself or looking concerned laugh at me, remind me to check my coupons and stay within my budget ;-)