There’s nothing I want more than to raise confident children.

We’ve had discussions about race, bullying, kindness and more especially with the older two being in school, but one thing I pray for daily is that they continue to be who they are. 

Our son who hates pictures is a gamer and nerd by every definition of the word, but we’ve taught him to take pride in it and he even acknowledges himself as a nerd with joy. He loves to help whenever I ask him to do something. He wants to be a professional game designer.

Our oldest daughter is our unicorn literally we’re not sure exactly where she came from until she starts acting like me sometimes. She’s all about arts and crafts, unicorns and rainbows and dreams of becoming a teacher. 

Our youngest oh this child is all about the danger in life performing stunts, thinking she’s too cool for school and helping even though she’s not really helping. She says right now she wants to be a police officer and ‘kick the bad guys butts’ but we’ll just have to see about that one. She’s tiny and feisty so I could totally see part of that happening. 

I’m thankful for their different personalities even though it’s tiring at times.

I’m thankful for their hearts to want to help and serve others not because they have to, but because they enjoy it.

I want them to always know who they are and be whoever they decided or feel they’re called to be. <3 

Hey Black Child

Do you know who you are

Who you really are

Do you know you can be

What you want to be

If you try to be

What you can be

Hey Black Child

Do you know where you are going

Where you’re really going

Do you know you can learn

What you want to learn

If you try to learn

What you can learn

Hey Black Child

Do you know you are strong

I mean really strong

Do you know you can do

What you want to do

If you try to do

What you can do

Hey Black Child

Be what you can be

Learn what you must learn

Do what you can do

And tomorrow your nation

Will be what you what it to be

By Useni Eugene Perkins