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'Troubled Waters'

July 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


‘God sometimes allows us to be taken into troubled waters NOT to drown us, but to CLEANSE us.’ 


I  know what you’re thinking and yes, this might be a long winded long post. 


Summertime is often my ‘troubled waters’ time of year. I know what you’re thinking, ‘The sun is out, there’s no school, vacations!’ Those things are great, but I’m not really allowed to enjoy them. I  can, but they're limited.

I’ve got a heart condition that limits my ability to be in the heat which sucks because summertime was my favorite time of year. Soccer with my friends, spending time at the lake and doing EVERYTHING I  could possibly do in a day just because I could. 

I  was stressing out with mom guilt wondering if my kids would have to miss the summer fun because of me, but then one afternoon after a family photo session I  took my kids to the lake where I  use to go when I was a kid. It was after dinner time so the sun wasn’t completely bearing down on me. I  watched my kids play in the water completely clothed because this was an unplanned trip, but I  realized I  had allowed my self to sit there in troubled waters worrying about all the wrong things. 

My kids won’t miss out on summer fun because of what I’m dealing with in fact we get to do a bit more like spending our entire summer at the lake or at the pool where I  know I  can stay cool and they can still have loads of fun. We might not get to spend all day there, but let’s be honest. They play so hard they’re usually tired after an hour where we all go home for ‘mandatory’ nap times. 

I  started thinking about how I  stood in those troubled waters and expected friends to pull me out of my depression and I  realized I  had to do it myself. 

I  was photographing my kids at the lake realizing it had amazing photographic potential and put the word out that I ’d love to do a few sessions there.  

Someone who has always believed in me and encouraged me was down to get in the water with her bad self and helped by being my muse during the session. I  was more than happy she allowed my awkwardness and helped my vision come to life not just because I  was shooting and happy, but because I  achieved everything I  want to within the images. 

She later expressed the quote I  used was relevant in her life too. 
Are you in troubled waters? Do something bold. Boldness always changes the conversation. Step outside of your box and do something random like go to the lake cleanse your mind. 


My new 'theme' song is 'Warriors' by Koryn Hawthrone. It became my theme song once I  heard the line. 'Crossing troubled waters any way I  can.' Currently fighting to get out of my troubled waters, but thankfully with my photography it's not as hard as I  once thought. 


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