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July of last year I  was presented with an opportunity to photograph the cover of Upstate Parent Magazine. They were on the list of places I was emailing and applying just to see if I could get my foot in the door. Mckenna only has a couple more years at home and I would love to at least be in the mailroom for a publishing company.  

I  love journalistic photography like National Geographic, Time Magazine, etc. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with other cultures, meeting new people, going into the 'heart of the action' and showing the world through my eyes. Due to mommy duties, I  couldn’t accept the full-time position but they gave me the opportunity to work for them freelance THANK JESUS because it’s been one of the most amazing journeys I  hope will never end. 

I remember the nervous excitement I felt before the first shoot with the editor present. I was praying and listening to every worship song I could pull into my playlist. I texted a few friends and told them to pray I didn't screw it up. As we're approaching the 'One Year Anniversary' I can't help but continually be thankful for this opportunity and yes - I still pray every time that I don't screw it up! haha 

Here are a few of my favorites from previous shoots. Make sure you pick up your monthly copies of Upstate Parent! <3  Models Courtesy of Millie Lewis Modeling Agency in Greenville. 



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