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To the Graduates - From the heart

May 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I ’m always really excited to talk to high school and college graduates as they move forward in the next phase of life. During their hour-long session, I  get to know them on a personal level. Their dreams and aspirations. I’ve met high school students who will first be going to school to become a cosmetologist and using the money from that to start saving to go to school to become a nurse. I’ve met high school students who want to first go to school for business management so they could open up their own salons, spas, and boutiques and more. 

It’s amazing seeing their dreams come true as they start their careers. (yes, I  social media stalk my seniors.) I  pray for them and I  do my best to link them to people who have done it before them so they know they have someone they could go to when they need a little advise or a little push. 

Last year I  felt like God was leading me to photograph the wedding of a previous senior for free. It’s not something I  do at all, but when God lays something on your heart it’s truly hard to say no. See - this young lady was one of my first senior sessions, I  then photographed several of her family members than her college graduation, anniversary photographs with her now fiancé and I  even had the opportunity to photograph the surprise engagement. 

I  had been following her on social media for a while mostly out of making sure I  kept her in my prayers. As I  prayed God kept bring it up and bring it up. ‘Be a Blessing’ and continued to push it. ‘Be a Blessing’ I  was terrified of offering it and speaking to her but again God wouldn’t allow me to stop thinking about it so I gave myself the 10 seconds of bravery speech and I  went with it. 

They were overjoyed at my offer even asking me if I  was sure. I  told them I  was all in. (Go Clemson) I’m excited to photograph their wedding as the date draws near. I ’m pretty sure you’re asking yourself ‘Nakeshia, whats your point?’ 

Here it is. As you graduate - as you go through life please remember to always find a moment to be a blessing. People think that my job is just taking pictures and that’s it. There’s so much more that happens behind the scenes that they don’t know about just yet. Every time I’ve thought outside of myself even when it hurts God has blessed me with the next opportunity or the next open door. My photography is often my ministry my outlet to be able to help others by talking openly about how I’ve been blessed and assuring them that they’re blessed themselves. 

During the sessions we’ll laugh - we’ll get into some awkward situations like glitter mishaps and someone falling into the water (Me) but I  promise you. The images and the memories are there. Your parents are proud of you, your extended family is proud of you and even your photographer is proud of you. 

Rooting for you & stuff. <3 




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