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Following the Breadcrumbs

September 23, 2017  •  2 Comments


If you know me and you’ve been a client of mine for a while you know I do my best to give God all the credit I can! What happened this week was nothing of my own doing!


For the past couple months God has been giving me little ‘breadcrumbs’ for me to step out of my comfort zone as a photographer. I’m comfortable photographing sweet families, and weddings, but I was uncomfortable photographing a more professional crowd.


I started studying the book ‘She’s Still There’ by Chrystal Evans Hurst with my small group at church. First, the book is amazing! I could talk about it all day, but you don’t need my rambling in your life! I sought encouragement in one of the chapters where she spoke about her children and how she never allowed food outside the kitchen in her home, but she’d regularly find someone who broke the rules because they left a trail of CRUMBS for her to follow! She referred to how God always has a next step for us in our life, but we’ve got to find the bread crumbs first.  


I’ve always wanted to do a 90’s themed photo session. I put out a ‘model search on my personal page and a few people submitted and I chose one of my friends who everyday style was so close to what I was aiming for anyways! Little did I know how amazing we’d both feel after that session!

I felt the need to encourage her to submit the images to a local modeling agency and just see what happens. She did. We were both stepping out of our comfort zones and taking a leap of faith. She texted me a few days later excited because she had a meeting with the owner of the company. More encouragement followed and we were pep talking each other as we were holding back our nervousness. The day of her meeting I was praying continuously asking God to guide us both because what was going to happen next, we weren’t too sure of. SHE GOT IN! She was offered an opportunity to join the agency and she did.


She told me that she basically told everyone about me at the agency. They know my work I’ve photographed several of their clients before. They encouraged her to still work with me because my work was great. The even used the word ‘High Fashion’ I started jumping around like a lunatic in the kitchen as I was preparing lunch for the kids. They had no clue why I was, but joined in anyways!


I finally got over myself and admitted that I had been drifting from my goals for a while. I needed to fully trust God and that he’d encourage my next step because I’ve been known to give advice but often I don’t know how to take my own. (Go figure huh?)

I prayed a bit more and decided to do another model search. This time – I would make it a contest just so it would be as close to far as possible. I honestly thought maybe 20-30 people would submit their images, but God had other things in mind. I have honestly lost count of how many people have submitted their images. Facebooks Insights as of now shows over 4,000 comments, over 250 shares, and a total reach of over 80,000 people from across the US in less than a week.

Something that start off with just maybe picking one person has bloomed into something more. Seeing the reach, a Publicist I’ve worked closely with for a while now said, “Nakeshia, you can’t just pick one person you’ve got to reach out to as many of these girls as possible. Your goal is to help others succeed professionally in their chosen field while excelling at your own.” We put our heads together and came up with a package that we could offer helping as many as we can. I again (Oh me of little faith) thought maybe only a few people would respond because it wasn’t free. God again proved me wrong. Over 100 submissions within a few days of people wanting to start modeling, but having no clue where to start.

I’m writing this all to say if you’ve drifted from your goals. Go after them. Even with my little faith God has open doors beyond my control. I’m learning to enjoy the moment and trust God more and more every day not just because of what he’s doing for me personally, but because what he’s doing for those around me as well.


In fact. I’ve got an assistant now. (Weird, right?) She’ll be helping me with larger shoots, and events. She’s eager to learn and I feel it’s about time I admit I can’t do this all alone! <3


If you read this all you’re an absolute SAINT. Stay tuned for more good news because I’m trying to be more diligent about sharing it!


We’ve got several dates for Fall Mini’s opening up and we’ve got a few spots for weddings in 2018 as well!


With Love,






Jerry Norris(non-registered)
You are an amazing person and your passion for your ability to capture perfect moments shows in your work. I met you at my cousins wedding and months later I let you do my first photo shoot, I enjoyed it and I plan on working with you again in the near future. Best of luck to you and your future.
Mary Gamble(non-registered)
I’ve traveled all around to try and get into modeling and get with agents and either they were scammers or just not the type I was looking to work with. But none of them were as Godly as you. You seem like an extremely trustworthy person and I would love to learn from you!
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