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SURPRISE - I love Love.

February 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I love Love. 
Sounds really weird when I say, but it’s true. I love shooting couples who are truly in love. Sometimes sessions can be awkward because people are scared to be themselves, but I try to talk to everyone, pick on them, find common ground and interesting things just to ‘break the ice’.

When they’ve relaxed and gotten comfortable with me some of my favorite images are taken. Flirting, true laughter, clumsiness, shock and my favorite….SURPRISE!!! 

This past weekend I had a few sessions at Furman University beautiful campus and of course while I’m waiting I get to people watch, and explore. 

This first couple has been together for a while and he FINALLY popped the question and surprised us both. I generally ask all my clients ‘Are there any photos you want that I haven’t gotten?’ they both said no they think we got it all. I was like cool! We talked a bit more and he said, “Well, There’s just one more picture I’d like to take.” I was like okay! Getting ready for him to describe what he wanted and being the perceptive detective I noticed him slowly reaching for his back pocket. I knew what was happening. I jumped around to the other side has he got down on one knee and SURPRISE. 

I’m so thrilled I was able to capture this moment for them. I congratulated them, thanked them and when I got in my car I called my mom in excitement like she knew them personally! 

So thrilled for this sweet couple and their family! 




My next Couple was a referral from a previous lovely couple who I got to photograph. They walked up and unfortunately saw me being an awkward nerd standing there on top of something doing calf exercises while on my phone. Why? I don’t know I can tell you I just do stuff. 

They were both down to earth and ready for anything. I was pumped. We had something in mind for their wedding invitations as our sole purpose, but I just can’t stick to one thing so we explored the campus a little bit and had some fun. I wish them all the best with their movie themed wedding! <3 

(Guns are fake $1 store dollar store purchase. No one was hurt or threatened.)



I’m thankful life always has one adventure after another. I’m thankful for surprises and I absolutely LOVE LOVE. 


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