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Always an Adventure Part 1

February 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As a photographer I often get to capture special moments in families lives Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations and more. I'm thankful for the moments that I get to capture some adventures in my own family as well. As a stay at home mom people think I'm supposed to be cleaning and cooking away. In fact I'm probably the direct opposite most of the time. I love cooking and cleaning is a necessity, but I live for a little adventure. The kids aren't old enough to take on hiking trails for hours just yet so we find other ways to have an adventure. 

McKenna decided to immediately step into the water. She doesn't realize it was a hands only experience. Thankfully she's cute, cute, cute and she's always open for an adventure as well. 

Aaliyah got these boots for Christmas. It will be 101 degrees outside and she'll still be wearing them, but she's cute too so it's acceptable.  She's channeling her inner #SaltBae and changing it to #TossRocksBae  She's always up to something. There's not a day that goes by that I'm questioning her thinking process. I feel we'll be in the ER a lot with this one.  We grabbed some penny's out of my wallet and make a few wishes.  We of course how to stroll down Main St. Hand in hand.  We got some ducks, met an international friend and had a blast.


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