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The Best of 2017 Families!

December 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Okay so have I mentioned how much I love the families that choose ME of all people to be their photographer? If I haven't I'm so sorry! This year has been a great one! Check out some of my favorites! I'll do my best to put them in order, but you should know I live on the struggle bus! 



The Grand-Vos-Smith family became one of my favorite sessions! Can you believe this HUGE family's session took less than 30 minutes? Everyone was dressed, ready, and there was a schedule so that everyone knew where to be and when to be there It was awesome! Check out some of my favorites. 



The beginning of this year was the beginning of the larger families for sure! This next family The Browns! 

The Sweet McDowell Family! Honoring her Papa. 

The Grant Family! 

The Smith Family! 

The Palanza Family! 

The Severence Family! 

Lawson Family! 

The McJunkin Family! 

The Georgia Family! 


The Groves Family! 

The Ayers Family! 



The Ortiz Family! 


The Atkinson Family! 

The McCurry Family! 

The Hunter Family! 

The Crumpler Family! 

The Daniel Family! 

The Nelson Family! 

The Hanks Family! 



The McClure Family! 

The Dalton Family! 


The Lee Family! 



The Johnson Family! 


The Simmons Family! 


The Reeves Family! 


The Rice-Irby Family! 



The Hatton Family! 

WOW! THIS YEAR HAS BE AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a few families too! Thank you guys for such a good year! Can we do it again in 2018? No Seriously. Let's do it again! <3 





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