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Picture Perfect

August 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Nakeshia here sitting in my picture perfect house, with my picture perfect kids, with a picture perfect car in the driveway and a picture perfect bank account and you can't forget picture perfect health. 

Can you sense the sarcasm? Because there's lots of it. In fact, if I were honest my house is a wreck because my kids aren't picture perfect, and they take great pride in their messes. So much pride sometimes I have to threaten to spank, beat, hang by their toes and feed them to the wolves before they agree to clean. 

It's often overwhelming because I get in my moods where I say, "okay God this isn't how I planned out my life. This isn't the house I wanted, my kids can't keep their hands to themselves; they're not eating actual food is Mac & Cheese apart of any of those healthy food groups? Why are you doing this to me?" 

Then I feel my grandma reaching down from heaven and pulling my hair. See, she was a hair stylist, and we talked most when she was doing my hair. It was like once she ran the comb through my hair it was church time and I was in confessional. I could hear her voicing tell me.."Now you know God doesn't owe you nothing. Want hear him laugh? Keep telling him YOUR plans for your life. Kids are going to be kids, they'll give you hell at home, but when they're out in public with others those kids remember their manners, to help others and have a good attitude because you give them good instruction at home." 

It's funny because even though she's not here. She's right. God doesn't owe me anything. The reason why we're at where we're at is that he has a plan much greater than I would ever have for our family. 

If you're friends with me on Facebook I'm pretty sure you caught of few notes of the health issue saga. 
Cliff notes: 
Complicated pregnancy
Possibly thyroid cancer - CANCER FREE! 
Heart complications - pain in the butt but mostly solved for now! 
the heart issues hit right around my most exciting & favorite time of year. WEDDING SEASON. I felt like crap most of my weddings, but I did my best and all my clients still loved their images, etc. the heat isn't my friend and boy it's been a hot summer!! I of course questioned God, but knew maybe he's trying to tell me something like I'm not superwoman and stuff. I learned to pace myself, schedule times where I wouldn't end up sick after sessions, events, etc. My husband has been my hero in every sense of the word helping with the monkey's the cleaning, and only God knows what else. My mom has been my superhero going with me to doctors appointments, driving me around and making sure I'm not somewhere passed out. 

I was complaining, but then I realized how blessed I am to have people who will drop whatever to help. I'm thankful for my prayer warriors because I wouldn't have made it without them. 

I know you're probably thinking your point is? Well, I'm getting there.

When I'm overwhelmed, I'm tired, I'm running on E and need coffee. (Which I can only have decaf) I start feeling down. I'm thankful that when I am feeling down, and I don't have anyone to talk to I can sing. Growing up in church hymns were always around me. One of my favorite songs was "His Way Is Perfect." 

"When my way seems dark and drear and the future I don’t know
My heart feels so empty as the tears unending flow
When my heart breaks with sorrow and a tempest fills my soul
This one thing I know for sure, my God is in control

When the toils of life are come and my heart is worn with care
I faint ‘neath the burden of a cross I cannot bear
When the joy has departed from my sorrow stricken soul
This one thing I know for sure, my God is in control

His way is perfect; His way is perfect
Though I don’t understand His wise and loving plan
His way is perfect; His way is perfect
Take my life and make a vessel purified
God makes no mistakes; His way is best." 

Though life might not always be picture perfect in my book, though it's rough, and I don't feel so rough I know my God is in control. 


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