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Officer Xavier - #LetThereBeLight

August 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

 This post originally was on facebook, but here's the whole story.. I was heart broken by the senseless deaths, police brutality and fear and hate  spreading quickly. 

Fact: I was going to write a long, heartfelt, and heart broken blog post about how scared I am that my son could be the next victim of police brutality, senseless killing or freak accident. 
Fact: I'm worried continuously about my kid's safety. I've taught my kids REPEATEDLY that color doesn't matter. In fact, my closest friends are awkwardly pasty white people. (I Love them, and they love me, and they know this.) 
Fact: Society says that my son should fear the police.
Fact: My Bright eyed, growing, energetic little boy wants to be you've guessed it. POLICE OFFICER. 

I've taught him police officers do more than just shooting bad guy, in fact, real police officers hate pulling out their guns because they don't like hurting people. They're here to protect and serve. When he asked what that meant, I said,
"They help others and think of others more than they think of themselves." 
"They stop bullying when they see it because bullying leads to someone getting hurt." 
"They make sure people are following the rules because rules are there to make sure we don't get hurt." 

I'm not ready to have a conversation with my son about how he's possibly a target. I'm not ready to admit that one day I can't protect my son from any decisions that he's made. 


Fact: I'm doing my best to instill respect and honesty into my children so that when people see my kids, speak to my kids they'll know them as fun, energetic, well-mannered and God fearing. 

Today he expressed how he liked protecting and serving. He enjoys helping and caring for his baby sister. He enjoys opening doors, reminding me how strong he is and how much he loves helping. 

I'm doing my best as a parent to make sure if and when he becomes a police officer he'll be one of the good ones.

We're living in a dark world. I chose to be light. 

I chose to allow God's glory shine if not by my answers than by my actions. When I do things I hope that they see God through me. I want to see people the same way God does. 

As a Christian how am I supposed to react to these situations other than what God has said repeatedly. 
He's told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. 
Mark 12:31 
He's told us to be a living Sacrifice. 
Roman 12:1 

I'm not perfect the farthest thing from it, but I'm trying to be Genesis 1:3. 
I'm trying to live like Matthew 5:16 
Study his word like Psalms 119:105 
And teach my children that John 9:5 is true.
 We were interviewed by The blaze on our act of trying to be a light in the darkness. I hope and I pray my children and I always have something positive to add to the world around us.


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