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Curtis & Lisa - #ForbesIsYetToCome

February 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I absolutely love couples who I can joke with and these two oh my they were down for everything I threw at them, and we all had fun! 

The setting: McPherson Park in Greenville, SC on a cloudy day, but it couldn’t have been the most perfect weather. 

The Session: We started off taking a few pictures of them and their son who wouldn’t give me a smile until they sang one of his favorite songs. Thankfully I’m quick with the trigger and got it before he got serious with us again! The sweet boy just wasn’t feeling photos that day! #TeamMackai 

We let little man get back to being spoiled and loved on by his grandparents and we headed down the path for a little adventure. As always I did my best to read the couple in how they interacted with each other and then pulled from that! I was lucky that I’ve known Curtis for a few years now, and there’s no other way to describe him but GOOFY. Thankfully Lisa is as well! We did some walking, and talking, and we ended up with some really great shots!


I was honored to photograph this beautiful lakeside wedding. Curtis and Lisa were one of my favorite engagement session this year. A few days later they asked if I would photograph their wedding and of course we made that happen! 
During my drive there I grew even more excited than I was to begin with I'm a sucker for an outdoor wedding & I love beautiful sunsets and water as well! Here are some of my favorites! 




Check out their wedding highlight video from Russell Newton Productions 



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