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Client Chronicles - Jamie Fleming-Dixon

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Client Chronicles – Jamie Fleming -Dixon

Every now and then I meet a client that I’m extremely proud of because of their accomplishments, their goals and ambition. I’ve seen high school seniors who aspire to become nurses and make the dean’s list the entire way through, I’ve seen business owners expand their businesses and move forward to the next step. So, I’ve decided to start blogging and sharing their businesses beyond sharing their pages on Facebook and ‘giving them a shout out.’

Jamie Fleming- Dixon a powerful and inspirational writer that puts my minor blogs to shame. She’s started For Colored Gurls which was an inspirational website for women of color sharing their life stories, their hardships and helping them understand their full potential. She then developed a love for the business women, and supporting women own businesses around the world.

At She Runs It, she shares stories of fearless and ambitious women. Show casing the various levels in small businesses and how one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the various businesses. You can seek motivation and encouragement as you carry on your path.

She’s written several books entitled ‘How to Change your Mindset + Live Your Most Fabulous Life.’ ‘CeoChick Code: 70 Inspirational Tips for your business and Life’ and most recently she created a workbook entitled ‘Create your most Fab Life.’

Recently she started Black Girl’s Guide to Calm – I thought the title was funny because black women have a stereotypical view for being fireballs, outspoken and willing to fight for the smallest things, but I knew that wasn’t Jamie’s target audience. I was excited to find out that she fell in love with yoga, meditation and she’s using her real life experiences to help others – She offers calming Tips small pieces of advice to relax your mind, your body and lifestyle so that you can afford time for yourself to be happy and to reach your maximum potential. She offers Calming sessions, Introduction to meditation tips and help as well as ways to find your calm as a mother and entrepreneur. She’s helping women realize sometimes you need to take time out for yourselves and care for yourselves.

Make sure you check out EVERYTHING listed above and enjoy some photos from our most recent session – She’s a great person and I can’t wait to see where she goes and what she does next!



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