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Client Chronicles - HD Engagement

August 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It’s not often I get to follow people’s relationships especially not in photography, but I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity with these two! I met Holly at the beginning of my photography career.  I photographed her junior prom images along with several of her friends. People always say they’ll call me when they need images again especially if they love my work, but I never put much faith into it until I met Holly!

She and Dre started dating and wanted to celebrate their anniversary with images. I was down for it, but there was a problem. They had moved to Columbia and I was pregnant with Aaliyah I believe and I couldn’t travel due to doctor’s order. They said, “No Biggie!” and traveled to me! I was completely honored I was even willing and trying to find photographers in Columbia for them, but Holly said, “Nope, You’re our photographer.” Beaming with pride I was perfectly okay with that arrangement! I did their first anniversary session and they showed up in Gamecock gear. Now, If you know anything about me you know that I’m a born and raised CLEMSON TIGER fan so of course I gave them a hard time about it, saying how badly their images were going to be but of course you know they still ended up with some great images.

The next year I received a text from Holly letting me know they were wanting more anniversary pictures and this time we decided to do them downtown Greenville. Again I was completely on board and happy about being ‘their photographer’. I loved these two already they laughed at my jokes, they were down for anything including climbing on rocks at Falls Park and more. We had a great time and again they ended up with some great images as well!

Earlier this year Holly randomly texted me in the middle of the night with a text along the lines of “We’re Engaged and of course we want you to be our photographer!” I was super pumped because If I were honest I was waiting I’m sure just like she was. I don’t remember my response or anything, but I do remember she eagerly started planning things for their wedding, engagement pictures and more. I of course did my best to help her with venues and things that would be great for their families and things she had be describing that she wanted.

We finally got to do their engagement photos a couple weeks ago and this time I packed the family in the car and we went to Columbia – I figured a session that morning and spend the afternoon at the zoo!

We had a great time exploring Columbia, I got to meet their LOVING mothers and got to shoot one of my favorite couples. Here’s some of my favorites from their session. IF you read this whole post you’re a saint and you deserve a cookie. 



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