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Photographer Feature - Nicole Babcock Photography

June 02, 2015  •  3 Comments

I’ve started to spread the love and blog about others beside myself. I realize that wonderful photographers who have become some of my best friends surround me. Most of my friends are out of state and you probably would hear of them if it wasn’t for Facebook shares or perhaps friends that live out of state SO little me is going to tackle showing some MAD LOVE YO. (P.S. If you’re new to my blog. I drop knowledge like this all the time. You’ll get use to it I promise.)


My first friend is Nicole Babcock of Nicole Babcock Photography from Gaithersburg, Maryland. An old friend inspired her to start shooting and she never looked back!



Nicole specializes in portrait photography. I love her vast work of children’s portraits. She captures candid, posed and just plan crazy amounts of cuteness! She says sometimes she even does the occasional Pinterest prop inspired shoots.


When I asked her what does she love most about photography she said, “ I love how you get to see people interact it’s so much fun!” She sees her clients as being genuinely happy when they book their sessions. They get to celebrate amazing and sweet emotions.



 Her favorite image is completely biased of course, but as a mom and photographer I completely understand! She said, “It was a beautiful day in Southern California, the lighting was just right and I was visiting my dad’s beach house and I grabbed my camera and my kiddoes and we walked down to the sand. The tide was just right so I plopped my daughter in a tulle skirt I made and a simple tank and started shooting. It was so fun to watch her she love it! I edited the photos with one of my favorite actions by Greater than Gatsby and Taa-dah it had quickly become one of my favorite images.” NBPNBP


Now, Check out some of Nicole’s work and if you’re on Facebook make sure you ‘like’ her page and show her some love!




Thank you for such kind words !
Melissa rich(non-registered)
beautiful work!
BEAUTIFUL work, Nicole! Love your honey-toned light and smiling faces. Just gorgeous. Thanks Nakeshia Renee Photography, for sharing!
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