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Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells

May 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

As a photographer you face different things all the time, but during the Ashmore Wedding I experienced my first round of shotguns being fired. I have to be honest I was nervous because I’ve never had a great relationship with the sounds of guns going off other than in movies.


The day started off on a beautiful property ‘in the middle of nowhere.’ If I were honest and I’m always honest when I first went to visit the property I had the zip code wrong on the address so I ended up in some ghetto, boarded up windows, and over grown trees and rubber tires neighborhood. I was terrified and called my bride trying to figure out where I was vs. where she was. Ladies and Gentlemen I was in Greenville when I needed to be in Piedmont. A few numbers really does make a difference especially when you’re trying not to get lost.


Eventually I got to the venue and I was over joyed that I wasn’t shooting a wedding where I first ended up and I was so excited to shoot on this location I was rocking back and forth and babbling like an idiot.  In the days leading up to the wedding my sweet, but funny bride Ashley reminded me that I needed to be in Piedmont and not Greenville. (Ha, Ha, Ha you’re sooo funny.) I learned my lesson I promise!!!


From there it was the normal motions of the wedding people getting dressed, getting pictures of the awesome décor and surroundings. My favorite parts of the ceremony and decorations were boards made by bride and her mother in law who owns ‘Creative Vinyl by 3k’.  The Board showed family members who couldn’t be there, but we all know they’re smiling in heaven and doing a bit of laughing too.




I also enjoyed how the groomsmen’s flowers were made out of shotgun shells! I remember my bride saying, “I just grabbed these shells out of the back of his truck.”


So, the original plan for the shotguns was for them to go off while the groom was kissing his new bride, but for the sake of the neighbors the guys waited until we were down further into the property and they were going fire them off.  I have to admit I was kind of jumpy and nervous. Earlier in the day I was texting my cousin who’s in the military asking about sounds, smoke, and all the other stuff.


(Note:The guns were not loaded in this shot.)

Everyone picked on me and the guys made me feel comfortable with the guns and SWEET, SWEET Matthew you’ll always be my favorite because you gave me earplugs which oddly made me feel 10 times more comfortable.


Afterwards some of the guest and the bride’s father who had heard through the grape vine that I was terrified asked me if my ears were still ringing swelling with pride I pulled out the earplugs again. They laughed and said, “Matthew thinks of everything.”


By the end of the wedding I was feeling like a member of the family not just someone who was there to do a job. I love wedding that end like that. It means everyone had fun, images will be great and I NakeshiaRenee will have a great and funny blog post to share.


Enjoy some of my favorites! 


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