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Closet Foodie - Tupelo Honey Cafe & Grilled Cheeseness

March 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

All of my friends know I love to eat - and I've also developed a love a cooking from televisions shows, studying recipe books and dreaming about things I could try successfully and things I could pair together. 


All of my friends kept talking about this place called Tupelo Honey Cafe - I was always thinking. "I don't like honey so what on earth could I possibly find to eat there?" Well, thanks to some exploring in Greenville with friends I had the opportunity to try the restaurant for the first time this past weekend. YUMMMMMMMMMMY is an understatement especially when talking about their Mac & Cheese which also features shrimp. I didn't think it would be a good combination, but I was up for trying new things and lets just say I'm itching to go back to try more and to have some awesome sauce sweet tea as well. 


Thanks Tupelo Honey! 




So, If you've had the opportunity to meet my son Xavier he's probably shared his love of chicken and grilled cheese with you. IF not well let me just say he has pitched numerous amount of fits when we past Sonic or maybe even Zaxbys' around dinner time especially if he's asking for a grilled cheese instead of whatever else I have in mind. I got tired of the same ole thing when making them so I literally scoured the internet trying to find alternative ways to making 'The Best Grilled Cheese Ever' of course he was more than willing to taste each concept and tell me which one he loved most. His favorite combination was mixing both Taco blended cheese and Mozzarella oddly enough this didn't come from one of my sources. It came from those two cheeses being the only ones we had in the fridge at the time. So, Here's our method in images of making the 'perfect' grilled cheese! 



Sincerely the Closet Foodie 


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