Xavier Turns Four!!

March 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It started off as a twin pregnancy. We were over the moon excited and nervous about being parents. The doctors told us that they noticed something unusual with on of the twins.. We heard her, but we had faith that things would work out and wanted to be hopeful.

Weeks went by and we found out we lost one of the twins. We were sad, but when everyone thought we'd be angry at God we turned to him more. "We might not understand God's purpose, but it's all in his plan." and "We got this." were the things we told each other and ourselves through this experience. This led to weekly doctors appointments, visits with specialist and moments when I didn't know whether to cry or start punching people (mostly doctors). The condition I had was rare, they didn't know much about it heck, they didn't even have a name at the time. I wanted to ask questions, but I knew they didn't have answers. We were learning about this together...

I was 34 weeks pregnant and Wednesday night I decided to have some popcorn which was one of my favorite snacks even though I knew it'd give me gas. (Yeah I know, TMI) 
Thursday morning came and I started cramping. I assumed it was gas, but my mom, Jeremy and others thought otherwise. In order to get them off my back I called the on call doctor and described what I was feeling. They told me to go to the hospital. Being a smart butt. I told them not to leave work, it was just gas and I'll be home in like 30 minutes. I packed a 'go bag' just in case to humor everyone. 

WELL, when I arrived they admitted me into a room and told me I was going into preterm labor.. I had to start making calls and texts that I wasn't prepared to make yet. I didn't want to have Xavier yet, but at the time I didn't think I had no choice. I wasn't scared or nervous because It was still all sinking in.. they got contractions to stop and I was ready to go home of course.. I was ready to go home 5 minutes after I arrive at the hospital.. 

Then March 25th in the middle of the night my water broke. I didn't exactly know what had happened, but I embarrassingly called my nurse saying, " Either I just embarrassingly peed on myself or my water just broke." Hours later I was transferred to Greenville Memorial and I had Xavier within 2-3 hours of my arrival they kept telling me "Oh he'd come this afternoon, this is your first baby, labor is forever." 

They were wrong. 

3 weeks in the NICU praying and cuddling our sweet boy we went home. He's now FOUR YEARS OLD and has filled our lives with adventure. 

Happy birthday 'X-Man!'

One of my closest friends got him a Nerf gun for his birthday we've been teaching our kids not to point guns at weapons at other people simply because of so much accidental deaths involving what kids thought were toys. WE set up some recycling cans of sprite and Dr. Pepper and let them have at it. their reactions are great! Aaliyah hasn't exactly figured out how to fire the nerf gun, but she loves stacking the cans so Xavier can shoot them. #TeamWork Makes the dream work doesn't it? 



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