The Beauty in Boudoir

February 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
A lot of people have asked me why did I start shooting boudoir. At first I wanted to say "Because I can it's a new challenge. " I realized there was a lot more to it than that. I want to make my ladies feel beautiful in their own skin. I want the ladies to be empowered. 
Confident. Edgy. Sexy. Creative.
Have you ever wanted to do something, but the fear of, not knowing what was about to happen stopped you? Well, we all feel that way sometimes we give up and other times we push through determined to obtain our goals no matter how hard it might be at first.
Everyone enjoys the  ability to say “I did it, I overcame it. I was scared, but I so rocked it!” Women especially need this boost. They need to see themselves as empowered,bold and beautiful.
Women want to be sexy and beautiful, but the media gives us unrealistic expectations of body size, shape, and features. Nobody has the ideal body or the perfect face.
My goal as a photographer is to make m clients my friends. I want them to enjoy their sessions, laugh, and remember how I made them feel. I want them all to feel like supermodels after their sessions. Sometimes women are so down on themselves because of ‘fat’ or blemishes that make them who they are.
During sessions with me I want to achieve beautiful, lasting images. I’ll use flattering lighting, props, and more to help create a story throughout your images. We’ll talk through your session so that you’ll feel relaxed and excited to see the final results. I’ll correct your posture, positioning and show you how to pose your body in flattering angles. I refuse to stop shooting until I’m satisfied with the images knowing that you’ll be happy and excited as well!
I’ve had ladies who have done their first boudoir session and showed up nervous, stiff and scared, but continuously booked more sessions because they loved the feeling they obtained afterwards!
Being confident and accepting your ‘flaws’ is the most empowering thing in the world. A lot of boudoir photographers say, “Hey come let me shoot you. I’m cheaper than a psychologist!”
One thing I’ve noticed recently is that music really sets the mood - clients relax and start channeling the artist. Turn into Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and more showing a lot more personality and having fun with the session - If I need to crank the radio up and start acting like a fool I will! I’m discovering new things daily, but It’s making me a better artist.
I’m not a fan of full nudity in Boudoir I love the flirty aspect of it. If you give everything away in the beginning there’s no sense of adventure, and there’s nothing left to the imagination - If this is a gift for your partner this will tease them.
I’ve had ladies who have recently come out of relationships and who have wanted to feel sexy or beautiful again.
I’ve had ladies who have recently lost a lot of weight had wanted to celebrate their new bodies.
Whatever your reason there is beauty in boudoir.


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