Personality & Props

September 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As a parent and a photographer I value my kids individuality. My son is a weird, video game loving, bug killing, sword fighting, bubble loving, skateboarder. My daughter loves being my shadow. Playing with her barbie camera, playing barney games on the iPad, and "helping" me while I'm working on the computer. Yes, they do have things that they have in common, but I'm not the one to put them into a general category and leave them there. Instead I want them to be themselves, despite how weird they are. It's refreshing that they know what they want, and who they are, right now and they're not ashamed.

People often ask me why I don't use props in my photography. I have to honestly say that, I hate props. There's nothing personal, or original, about them when everyone uses the same thing and I simply put my name on it. I want to capture the individuals in each family that I shoot. If your kid loves music, bring their keyboard, guitar, or drum sticks. If they love their bike, gosh darn it, let's get some fun action shots while we're at it. When a client hires me, they hire me to capture their lives and where they are at this moment. What's better than showcasing, that, which means something to you?

Your session is a compilation of your ideas and mine. Let's talk about it. Let's create it. Let's experiment. If it fails, SO WHAT? WE TRIED! Photography isn't simply my job. It's my hobby, my passion, my outlet. Nothing gets me more excited, to edit and return a session, than knowing we've successfully captured some awesome memories.

Gotta give that some personality & props.

With love & awkward hugs,



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