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Blogging and writing had always been a passion of mine before photography came into my life. I’ve written songs, poems, short stories and more. One of my more personal short stories is still being used in one of my college classes as an example. We were assigned to write about someone who has made an impact on our lives. At the time my someone I considered my grandmother had passed away, so it was only right that I wrote about some of the times we’ve had together. My professor loved it and every time she sees me she tells me “I still use your story in my classes. I still use your project as well.” It was a great push to continue writing and expressing myself other than through my photography. 
The quote “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” is so true. I’m trying to give my clients,  and myself images that retell the story of that day, in that moment and how It impacted me. I love blogging about my adventures with clients and sharing my heart, my faith and my passion with others. My sweet friend Jenni nominated me for the Liebster Award which is to discover new blogs and others that are passionate about writing. I’m honored that she even reads my blog from time to time. I was given ten questions that I hopefully didn’t already answer above, but we’ll see, right? 
1. Who has had the biggest influence on you? 
For me isn’t one person. I was raised by a ‘team’ of strong, faithful and caring women starting with my mom, my grandmother, my church family of ‘aunts’ who all chipped in to make a person that I am today. My mom was a single parent doing everything she could support me, but when she needed help my church family was always there to step in. 
2. What do you like about blogging?
Blogging allows me to put in words the things that I couldn’t say clearly in a conversation because I get excited or tongue-tied. It allows me to write freely and share my thoughts without caring about others judgement or what they think of me. Blogging for me is releasing all the pressures of the world around me and just sharing my heart and who I truly am. It allows me to be transparent and perfect my skills as I’m working towards my black belt in awkwardness. 
3.  Where does your blogging inspiration come from? 
I’m influences by daily life. It could be an adventure in the grocery store with my kids, or on location for a shoot and I have a random interaction with someone who touches my heart, it could be an adventure with a client or a wedding that will good or bad. Everything influences me its kind of hard sometimes to pull back and not write about everything. 
4. What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life? 
I can truly say the hardest thing I’ve ever done was surrendering to God’s will for my life. When I was in high school, I had a plan to be a nurse in the NICU at Greenville Memorial hospital, own a house, a reliable car and be able to support my mom without question. It’s funny because God thought otherwise.  He kept closing doors and out of frustration I ran away from him fighting all the way. I finally got tired of fighting him and questioned him, and I started trusting him.  I picked up my camera, and my photography career started followed by marriage, kids, and returning to school online for a marketing degree. I honestly still struggle to trust him because what he wants for me and what I want for me aren’t matching up. 
5.  What did you want to be when you were a child?
As hilarious as it sounds I wanted to be a ‘Professional singer, soccer player and astronaut’ I wanted to do it all. I STILL want to do it all, but instead of those things I’m focusing on my photography, marketing and advertising. 
6. What’s your favorite post on your blog right now?
My favorite post would have to be ‘Confidence’ It took a lot for me to write, admit my wrong and my insecurities in hopes to encourage someone else. The response I received from that article and the self-portraits were inspiring and gave me a boost I needed during that time. 
7.  What makes you laugh out loud?
Everything, I’m a very giggly and happy person. I love laughing, and when I’m around friends, I’m honestly fighting to hold in the laughter, so I don’t look like a reject. 
8.  If you were the main character in the movie, which actor would you want to play your role? 
I say Gabrielle Union. She’s a bit awkward, fun and adventurous in most of her roles. It’s kind of my personality I like watching the movies and shows she’s on she’s always getting into trouble, but at the same time she learns from it all. 
9. What was your favorite class in college? 
At the risk of sounding like one of the biggest dorks in the world. I loved my strategic planning classes. I got to build a advertising and marketing plan for one of my favorite companies as if I was presenting it to them. I spent the six weeks researching the ins and outs of the company and finding what the needed to fix in order to grow their brand.  I love puzzles and with Marketing your a puzzle and problem solver. 
10.  What are three of your future goals? 
My first goal would be to finish college. I can’t wait to have my degree in hand. 
My second goal would expand my photography business. I’m doing some design and marketing work already, but I want to continue to grow. When I learn something I apply it, and I want to continue to do so. 
My third goal would honestly be the ‘American Dream’ I’m so ready to buy a house, give my husband his ‘Man Cave’ decorate my kid's rooms, and even have an office and studio for myself. We’ve already started mentally planning on everything we want to do. 
Thanks for reading! ;-) 
Some of the blogs that I love to read belong to: 
Jenni Stofer -  ( She’s one of my best friends and her opening up and sharing her struggles makes me feel like I’m not alone. We’re constantly growing and learning. 
Robin Chavez - ( My photography mentor. She’s amazing at story telling and honestly drives me crazy with her creativity bringing her adventure with her boys (and soon to make an appearance little girl) to life! 
I also like to read ‘I Am Found… Again.’ (
Perry Noble - The pastor of NewSpring Church ( 
In order for any of these bloggers to accept their nomination, they should write their own Liebster Award post displaying one of the award’s many online images and answer these questions:
    1.    Who has had the biggest influence on you?
    2.    What do you like about blogging?
    3.    Where does your blogging inspiration come from?
    4.    What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life?
    5.    What did you want to be when you were a child?
    6.    What is your favorite post on your blog right now?
    7.    What makes you laugh out loud?
    8.    If you were the main character in the movie, which actor would you want to play your role?
    9.    What was your favorite class in college?
    10.    What are 3 of your future goals?
From here, each accepting nominee should pass on the Liebster Award to 5-10 bloggers and choose ten questions for them to answer.
The rules to accept the Liebster Award have changed a few times over the years, but the goal remains the same: to help you discover new bloggers. So be sure to check out these blogs.


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