For Kicks & Lots of Giggles

June 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
When I say this was one of my most memorable weddings, I'm not just saying that to humor this fun couple. The Judd-Aktinson wedding will be a wedding I'll remember for a while! I met the sweet bride through a friend and we both eagerly awaited her wedding day.
When the day came, she didn't have any real expectations and told me "Just do your thing. You're a photographer." Instantly I feel in love with her more and her family. One of the main things I try to do at weddings is getting the family laughing continuously throughout the day. Sometimes nerves get the best of people, and the tears start rolling and for some reason I start crying too. This family held back the tears, but let every ounce of laughter and craziness they had in them. 
I laughed from the time I arrived until I finished editing the images a couple days later. There were moments that happened I wasn’t even sure I caught on camera because I was laughing so hard! 


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