Wedding Do's & Don'ts @NakeshiaRenee

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1.    DON’T: Vent on social media

I get it your wedding planning, paying and organizing is stressful and sometimes your friends and family get on your nerves, but you’re going to need them in the end and the extra drama really isn’t going to make things easier.

2.    DO: Livestream the event.

Sometimes due to illness loved ones can’t attend. A lot of people are using livestream, google hangout, etc. to do so.

3.    DON’T use disposable camera’s

With all the smart phones that are going to be in the room you’ll get great images with the option to have ‘do overs’ save yourself some money

4. DO: Ask guest to use a special hashtag


At the reception, use a projector or TV as a social media station. Pull up the hashtag feed on Twitter, or use a site likeEvenstagram, which displays Instagram images in real time as they’re posted.

5. DON’T post details about the wedding BEFORE the wedding.

I know you’re excited and you want everyone’s opinion on things, but Going to a wedding is like watching a movie for the first time; it’s not as exciting if someone’s already spoiled the story. Don’t give your guests spoilers (funny as they may be) and ruin the surprise.

6.    DO: create a private Pinterest board

get your ideas, but don’t let everyone see them before the big day.

7. DON’T let people take pictures during the ceremony.

There’s a chance that extra flashes and distractions will ruin your photographer’s pictures. Not to mention, it means your guests will see your big reveal on their smartphone screens — no fun. There’s nothing wrong with asking guests to enjoy the ceremony sans phones and cameras.

And please, please don’t let someone hold up an iPad. Not only are you blocking the view for everyone behind you, but you look ridiculous — there and everywhere else.

8.    Don’t text while walking down the aisle.

WHO ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING TO?!? Everyone that can be there is there!

9.    DO: Use a Flickr or another sharing services.

Sometimes facebook pixelates wedding images and your guest and those that missed the wedding aren’t getting the best images from the wedding. Also if you’re the type to show all 400 images of your wedding you’re not over crowding facebook and people can go to the flickr page despite privacy settings.

10. DON’T texts or contact guests about ‘cheap gifts’


Your guest might not be millionaires or have the extra money to spend on you. Your wedding is about the union not the material possessions.

11. Do take TONS of selfies

Friends and family love seeing images of your pure joy especially after you leave the ceremony. They’ll want to know if  you made your flight safely or if you’re enjoying the wedding yourself. Friends are awesome to jump into those selfies with you!

12. DON’t tuck your phone into your dress

I have had to edit out a pink cellphone case from a brides wedding photos you don’t need your phone your ceremony is like 20 minutes long you seriously can’t go without your phone for that time? On top of that it’s not classy that’s more like nightclub with the girl not my wedding day.


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