Best of 2014 -

December 31, 2014  •  1 Comment

The Best of 2014


This past year I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned to stand up for what I believe in, to stand my ground, and I learned how to say ‘No’.  I know it’s a simply word, but I never wanted to disappoint anyone instead I was overworking and overwhelming myself.  I’ve had to balance being a wife, mommy of two, student and business owner. It was hard trying to do it all, but I wanted to God knows I wanted too.


I’ve learned saying no isn’t a bad thing in fact sometimes it’s the BEST thing for you. I’ve learned where I want to be in my journey and who I’d like to work with I’ve learned some task that make running my business and studying successful. I’ve learned how to entertain my children while I work. (Thank you Netlflix and Ipads) and I’ve realized that I have the most supportive husband ever! (Don’t tell him this.)


This past year I got to work with some amazing families, I've gotten lots of hugs and made a lot of friends. I’ve sort of changed my editing style, doing more creative edits and sessions and making sure everyone is happy. I love my job and I’m beyond thankful that I get to do it! Thanks to my clients for riding with me through this year and I hope to 'shoot' you in 2015! I can't stress how important family photographs are. We've lost a lot of people this year I've done a lot of tribute video for lost ones.One thing they're always upset about is not having enough photographs as a family.  Phones can only do but so much. Even if I'm not the photographer for you please love your family enough to make a few memories! 


Here are some of my favorites or what I consider to be the BEST OF 2014.

If your picture doesn’t make it on this list no worries! I ran out of room I’ve been one busy bee this year! 


With Love & Award hugs, 






Rachel Pruitt(non-registered)
We had a blast having you take our family pictures and I'm planning on getting in touch with you closer to Fall and doing pictures again since the family grew :)
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