Trust Your Photographer - Or Else.

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I love when fun and sweet clients get in front of my camera and are willing to do everything I ask of them despite how weird! I'm learning to take control when it comes to being behind the camera. Clients might not understand an uncomfortable pose, but the image is often mind blowing amazing. 
Often I can't explain what I'm getting at during a session or the look I'm trying to achieve. I tell clients 'just trust me you'll love the result. If you don't, you can beat me later.'  I never want to make people uncomfortable because it shows in the images, but sometimes your insecurities can get the best of you. 
Acne, scars, bruises and birthmarks can all be fixed in editing  it's not a problem. If I see it, I'll remove or fix it. I love candid shots. A lot of times I do pose clients, but I also tell them to be themselves. If you're sassy put your hands on your hips and give me a little attitude. If you're goofy have fun and join the club.  I don't provide props a lot of times, but I tell parents to bring their kids favorite toys, or something that's grabbed their attention lately and we'll showcase 'where they are now.' It's fun, and it's unique. 
I firmly believe that if you don't trust your photographer DON'T hire them.  Handing me a list of shots does nothing but make me nervous even know 90% of the shots, I'll already be getting during the event anyways. 
ready for some honesty? 
When it's time to schedule your session here are some things, you should take into account. 
1.  Time - 
Often I'll tell you ' For my hour sessions it's $ XX.' The truth is I don't leave a session until I know I have good photos. If that means waiting for the kids to run around and get some energy out first then I don't mind being patient.  
Yes, sometimes clients are late and on the rate occasion I'm late, but communication is the best in this situation that way I know what's going on and I can help. 
2.  Wardrobe - I tell clients wear what they feel looks good on them. People always ask what should we wear I never have an answer because everyone is different.  I suggest solid colors without logos. Logos are distracting and often won't show up clearly in images anyways. 
Please take your phones out of your pockets. Guys and Gals I really don't want to spend 20-30 minutes editing out your phone in your pocket because there's an unexpected *clears throat* bulge. 
leave your phones in the car for a few minutes, I'm taking your pictures no need for selfies. 
3.  Photoshop - I RARELY use photoshop. I use it on occasion to add a bit of something special to images like falling leaves or something cute, but I can't fix everything in photoshop. I'm a photographer who likes to take a great photograph straight from the camera so that I don't have to spend days or weeks editing and sifting through your photos. Let's get it right first and fix minor things later. 
4. Respect - I very rarely say something, but photography isn't easy. I might make it look easy, but it's often a hard job.  Photography takes a lot of commitment. Time, money and more time.  My equipment might be 'nice' but I promise you it's not the equipment that takes a great photograph. I've spent time studying my equipment so I can manipulate it to take the images I want it to take. There's a sense of artsy with the camera. It's not set on auto in fact it hasn't been set on auto in a couple years. Every element is carefully selected to, hopefully, achieve great images.  It hurts me to my heart when people give my camera credit. Knowing how much and how hard I worked to get here. I'm not asking for a standing ovation just give the kid a little credit! 
5. Cost - Photography isn't free. I often tell people you get what you pay for. At the beginning of my photography career, I charged $15 for sessions because I was learning. I knew my work wasn't great; I had minimal editing software and skills and let's just say my camera was on auto because I didn't know 1/3 of the info out there. 
Now my sessions are $50 and up.  I have the softwares, the equipment the taxes and everything else to go along with running a business.  This is my job, my career and how I pay bills. If you can't respect that well, I'm not the photographer for you. 



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