NakeshiaRenee Photography: Blog en-us NakeshiaRenee (NakeshiaRenee Photography) Mon, 09 Jul 2018 01:11:00 GMT Mon, 09 Jul 2018 01:11:00 GMT NakeshiaRenee Photography: Blog 80 120 A Little Adventure I've gotten to work with Devon on several jobs - she's been one of the princesses during my princess mini sessions and she's so amazing with the kids!

 I   posted on social media that I'm looking for someone willing to get into the water and put up with my crazy ideas. She commented she was totally down and indeed she was! It's refreshing being able to work with someone who understands your crazy and creative side. I'm always hesitant because I don't want people to get hurt, but she jumped into things before I could even get the words out.  

We walked barefoot almost burning our feet. Walked across rocks where I  decided I'd never go to Hawaii and be one of those people daring enough to walk across hot coals. We borrow sailboat, got offered French fries from a stranger (No worries we politely declined), avoided animal poo and tossed stuff at tree roots to make sure nothing jumped out before she climbed up. 


Today was a good day! Check out some of my favorite images. 


My Soccer playing skills came into play for this shot! 

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4th of July Sale  

Celebrating the 4th with this awesome session deal! Take this time to update your business headshots, headshots for your blog, social media, modeling and more.

Your session will be up to an hour session with 5-15 images.

(More available for purchase if you'd like) 


Book Here! ----> $60 portrait sessions! 


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'Troubled Waters'  

‘God sometimes allows us to be taken into troubled waters NOT to drown us, but to CLEANSE us.’ 


I  know what you’re thinking and yes, this might be a long winded long post. 


Summertime is often my ‘troubled waters’ time of year. I know what you’re thinking, ‘The sun is out, there’s no school, vacations!’ Those things are great, but I’m not really allowed to enjoy them. I  can, but they're limited.

I’ve got a heart condition that limits my ability to be in the heat which sucks because summertime was my favorite time of year. Soccer with my friends, spending time at the lake and doing EVERYTHING I  could possibly do in a day just because I could. 

I  was stressing out with mom guilt wondering if my kids would have to miss the summer fun because of me, but then one afternoon after a family photo session I  took my kids to the lake where I  use to go when I was a kid. It was after dinner time so the sun wasn’t completely bearing down on me. I  watched my kids play in the water completely clothed because this was an unplanned trip, but I  realized I  had allowed my self to sit there in troubled waters worrying about all the wrong things. 

My kids won’t miss out on summer fun because of what I’m dealing with in fact we get to do a bit more like spending our entire summer at the lake or at the pool where I  know I  can stay cool and they can still have loads of fun. We might not get to spend all day there, but let’s be honest. They play so hard they’re usually tired after an hour where we all go home for ‘mandatory’ nap times. 

I  started thinking about how I  stood in those troubled waters and expected friends to pull me out of my depression and I  realized I  had to do it myself. 

I  was photographing my kids at the lake realizing it had amazing photographic potential and put the word out that I ’d love to do a few sessions there.  

Someone who has always believed in me and encouraged me was down to get in the water with her bad self and helped by being my muse during the session. I  was more than happy she allowed my awkwardness and helped my vision come to life not just because I  was shooting and happy, but because I  achieved everything I  want to within the images. 

She later expressed the quote I  used was relevant in her life too. 
Are you in troubled waters? Do something bold. Boldness always changes the conversation. Step outside of your box and do something random like go to the lake cleanse your mind. 


My new 'theme' song is 'Warriors' by Koryn Hawthrone. It became my theme song once I  heard the line. 'Crossing troubled waters any way I  can.' Currently fighting to get out of my troubled waters, but thankfully with my photography it's not as hard as I  once thought. 

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Upstate Parent Magazine - NakeshiaRenee  

July of last year I  was presented with an opportunity to photograph the cover of Upstate Parent Magazine. They were on the list of places I was emailing and applying just to see if I could get my foot in the door. Mckenna only has a couple more years at home and I would love to at least be in the mailroom for a publishing company.  

I  love journalistic photography like National Geographic, Time Magazine, etc. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with other cultures, meeting new people, going into the 'heart of the action' and showing the world through my eyes. Due to mommy duties, I  couldn’t accept the full-time position but they gave me the opportunity to work for them freelance THANK JESUS because it’s been one of the most amazing journeys I  hope will never end. 

I remember the nervous excitement I felt before the first shoot with the editor present. I was praying and listening to every worship song I could pull into my playlist. I texted a few friends and told them to pray I didn't screw it up. As we're approaching the 'One Year Anniversary' I can't help but continually be thankful for this opportunity and yes - I still pray every time that I don't screw it up! haha 

Here are a few of my favorites from previous shoots. Make sure you pick up your monthly copies of Upstate Parent! <3  Models Courtesy of Millie Lewis Modeling Agency in Greenville. 


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To the Graduates - From the heart I ’m always really excited to talk to high school and college graduates as they move forward in the next phase of life. During their hour-long session, I  get to know them on a personal level. Their dreams and aspirations. I’ve met high school students who will first be going to school to become a cosmetologist and using the money from that to start saving to go to school to become a nurse. I’ve met high school students who want to first go to school for business management so they could open up their own salons, spas, and boutiques and more. 

It’s amazing seeing their dreams come true as they start their careers. (yes, I  social media stalk my seniors.) I  pray for them and I  do my best to link them to people who have done it before them so they know they have someone they could go to when they need a little advise or a little push. 

Last year I  felt like God was leading me to photograph the wedding of a previous senior for free. It’s not something I  do at all, but when God lays something on your heart it’s truly hard to say no. See - this young lady was one of my first senior sessions, I  then photographed several of her family members than her college graduation, anniversary photographs with her now fiancé and I  even had the opportunity to photograph the surprise engagement. 

I  had been following her on social media for a while mostly out of making sure I  kept her in my prayers. As I  prayed God kept bring it up and bring it up. ‘Be a Blessing’ and continued to push it. ‘Be a Blessing’ I  was terrified of offering it and speaking to her but again God wouldn’t allow me to stop thinking about it so I gave myself the 10 seconds of bravery speech and I  went with it. 

They were overjoyed at my offer even asking me if I  was sure. I  told them I  was all in. (Go Clemson) I’m excited to photograph their wedding as the date draws near. I ’m pretty sure you’re asking yourself ‘Nakeshia, whats your point?’ 

Here it is. As you graduate - as you go through life please remember to always find a moment to be a blessing. People think that my job is just taking pictures and that’s it. There’s so much more that happens behind the scenes that they don’t know about just yet. Every time I’ve thought outside of myself even when it hurts God has blessed me with the next opportunity or the next open door. My photography is often my ministry my outlet to be able to help others by talking openly about how I’ve been blessed and assuring them that they’re blessed themselves. 

During the sessions we’ll laugh - we’ll get into some awkward situations like glitter mishaps and someone falling into the water (Me) but I  promise you. The images and the memories are there. Your parents are proud of you, your extended family is proud of you and even your photographer is proud of you. 

Rooting for you & stuff. <3 


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2018 Spring Mini Sessions! Spring MIni's will be taking place 

March 31st

at McPherson Park in Greenville! 

Families up to 5 people 




Please send a message or email to us for the time that would work best for you.

Times are first come first serve.  You will be sent an invoice of $25.00 to retain your spot. If you'd like to go ahead and pay in full that option is available too. 


8:00 -

8:30 - 

9:00 - Taken 

9:30 -

10:00 -

10:30 -

11:00 -

1:00 - Taken 

1:30 - Taken 

2:00 - Taken

2:30 -

3:00 - taken

3:30 -

4:00 -

4:30 - Taken 






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The Best of 2017 Families! Okay so have I mentioned how much I love the families that choose ME of all people to be their photographer? If I haven't I'm so sorry! This year has been a great one! Check out some of my favorites! I'll do my best to put them in order, but you should know I live on the struggle bus! 



The Grand-Vos-Smith family became one of my favorite sessions! Can you believe this HUGE family's session took less than 30 minutes? Everyone was dressed, ready, and there was a schedule so that everyone knew where to be and when to be there It was awesome! Check out some of my favorites. 



The beginning of this year was the beginning of the larger families for sure! This next family The Browns! 

The Sweet McDowell Family! Honoring her Papa. 

The Grant Family! 

The Smith Family! 

The Palanza Family! 

The Severence Family! 

Lawson Family! 

The McJunkin Family! 

The Georgia Family! 


The Groves Family! 

The Ayers Family! 



The Ortiz Family! 


The Atkinson Family! 

The McCurry Family! 

The Hunter Family! 

The Crumpler Family! 

The Daniel Family! 

The Nelson Family! 

The Hanks Family! 



The McClure Family! 

The Dalton Family! 


The Lee Family! 



The Johnson Family! 


The Simmons Family! 


The Reeves Family! 


The Rice-Irby Family! 



The Hatton Family! 

WOW! THIS YEAR HAS BE AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a few families too! Thank you guys for such a good year! Can we do it again in 2018? No Seriously. Let's do it again! <3 




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Gardin Wedding First - HI I'm the most inconsistent blogger known to the world. My lovely clients have been keeping me busy! <3 The Final wedding of 2017 was a special one let me tell you why.. 


We first met in a parking lot. She looked familiar (Thank you Facebook.) and I saw her getting her gear out of her car for a shoot. I went to quickly introduce myself to a fellow photographer and I actually ended up helping her as an assistant and ‘behind the scenes’ photographer just for the fun of it!

She’s since then turned into one of my closest friends. They say God places people in your life when you need them the most, but also when you least expect it. (Hello Parking lot) We share the same faith in God, we’ve laughed, encouraged each other and called each other out on our mess, but I’m thankful for every SINGLE moment.


She got engaged and we started talking weddings. She’s like me didn’t exactly want a large, expensive, and outrageous wedding. She just wanted something intimate with friends and family. I was simply hoping to be included in the friend portion of it all, but it almost FLOORED me when she asked me to be her photographer. I remember searching for the most ridiculous GIF I could find to respond saying, “Yes!”


I have to admit I was nervous to photograph her wedding. I didn’t want to disappoint which is funny because even though I’ve got a ton of weddings under my belt I still get nervous with each one and because she was a photographer too it rose the stakes even more.


They’re both fans of a winter wonderland, but we’re in South Carolina so ya know that’s not going to happen naturally so I did a little magic ;-) ! I learned so much about their relationship, their families and their love during their special day.


I’m so thankful for this opportunity! Check out some of my favorites, special edits and more! 

So Happy these two found each other! I can't wait to see where God takes them next! <3 

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Toy Drive Mini Sessions! HEY ALL!

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! My favorite Holiday is thanksgiving – I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because of the food! Haha


Every year I think of ways to be thankful for those who have chosen me to be their photographer all while giving back in the community and organizations near and dear to my heart!

Last year I teamed up with TipTop Cake Shop in Easley and we did a toy drive together for the children in the Miracle Hill Children’s home.


This year – I would like to continue this by offering DISCOUNTED Mini Sessions!


Mini session price is $65 for a 20-minute session and 10-15 images.

 If you bring a toy for a child between the ages of 2-16 you will receive $15.00 off your session!


Please note - Toiletries and Personal Item donations are allowed as well! 


I will be doing TWO dates for these mini sessions December 1st and December 9th.


December 1st the Available times are:


4:00pm - Taken 

4:30pm taken 

5:00pm - Taken 


December 9th the Available times are:



8:30am - Taken 

9:00am - Taken 







3:00pm  - Taken



4:30pm - Taken 

5:00pm - Taken 


To reserve your time please contact me! I’ll be marking the sessions off as they’re booked! Thank you!  



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Model - Anna Riley I got to work with aspiring model Anna Riley a couple weeks ago. She's a naturally beautiful girl with brains to boot. She's a student at a local college with dreams to conquer the world. She's got an great sense of style and a fun personality.  Make sure you follow her on Instagram at @AnnaRileyyy 


Make sure you follow me on Instagram at @NakeshiaReneePhotos 

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Model - Cierra Denise It was a pleasure working with Model Cierra Denise - We've been friends for a while and she took a leap of faith with me(Check out this article) She's now signed with Millie Lewis Modeling Agency out of Greenville & Columbia, South Carolina.


Make sure you follow her on Instagram at @Cierra_Denise_ 


Make sure you follow me on Instagram as well at @NakeshiaReneePhotos 


#WatchGodWork & Stuff. 

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Following the Breadcrumbs  

If you know me and you’ve been a client of mine for a while you know I do my best to give God all the credit I can! What happened this week was nothing of my own doing!


For the past couple months God has been giving me little ‘breadcrumbs’ for me to step out of my comfort zone as a photographer. I’m comfortable photographing sweet families, and weddings, but I was uncomfortable photographing a more professional crowd.


I started studying the book ‘She’s Still There’ by Chrystal Evans Hurst with my small group at church. First, the book is amazing! I could talk about it all day, but you don’t need my rambling in your life! I sought encouragement in one of the chapters where she spoke about her children and how she never allowed food outside the kitchen in her home, but she’d regularly find someone who broke the rules because they left a trail of CRUMBS for her to follow! She referred to how God always has a next step for us in our life, but we’ve got to find the bread crumbs first.  


I’ve always wanted to do a 90’s themed photo session. I put out a ‘model search on my personal page and a few people submitted and I chose one of my friends who everyday style was so close to what I was aiming for anyways! Little did I know how amazing we’d both feel after that session!

I felt the need to encourage her to submit the images to a local modeling agency and just see what happens. She did. We were both stepping out of our comfort zones and taking a leap of faith. She texted me a few days later excited because she had a meeting with the owner of the company. More encouragement followed and we were pep talking each other as we were holding back our nervousness. The day of her meeting I was praying continuously asking God to guide us both because what was going to happen next, we weren’t too sure of. SHE GOT IN! She was offered an opportunity to join the agency and she did.


She told me that she basically told everyone about me at the agency. They know my work I’ve photographed several of their clients before. They encouraged her to still work with me because my work was great. The even used the word ‘High Fashion’ I started jumping around like a lunatic in the kitchen as I was preparing lunch for the kids. They had no clue why I was, but joined in anyways!


I finally got over myself and admitted that I had been drifting from my goals for a while. I needed to fully trust God and that he’d encourage my next step because I’ve been known to give advice but often I don’t know how to take my own. (Go figure huh?)

I prayed a bit more and decided to do another model search. This time – I would make it a contest just so it would be as close to far as possible. I honestly thought maybe 20-30 people would submit their images, but God had other things in mind. I have honestly lost count of how many people have submitted their images. Facebooks Insights as of now shows over 4,000 comments, over 250 shares, and a total reach of over 80,000 people from across the US in less than a week.

Something that start off with just maybe picking one person has bloomed into something more. Seeing the reach, a Publicist I’ve worked closely with for a while now said, “Nakeshia, you can’t just pick one person you’ve got to reach out to as many of these girls as possible. Your goal is to help others succeed professionally in their chosen field while excelling at your own.” We put our heads together and came up with a package that we could offer helping as many as we can. I again (Oh me of little faith) thought maybe only a few people would respond because it wasn’t free. God again proved me wrong. Over 100 submissions within a few days of people wanting to start modeling, but having no clue where to start.

I’m writing this all to say if you’ve drifted from your goals. Go after them. Even with my little faith God has open doors beyond my control. I’m learning to enjoy the moment and trust God more and more every day not just because of what he’s doing for me personally, but because what he’s doing for those around me as well.


In fact. I’ve got an assistant now. (Weird, right?) She’ll be helping me with larger shoots, and events. She’s eager to learn and I feel it’s about time I admit I can’t do this all alone! <3


If you read this all you’re an absolute SAINT. Stay tuned for more good news because I’m trying to be more diligent about sharing it!


We’ve got several dates for Fall Mini’s opening up and we’ve got a few spots for weddings in 2018 as well!


With Love,





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Family Session Recap! <3 I've been such a slacker on blogging, but in my defense my wonderful clients, children and graphic design stuff has kept me BUSY! 


I'm so blessed to be able to meet awesome families and take their pictures. Here's a few of my favorites from the past couple months! 


'The Georgia family' 

This sweet family was referred to me by one of the photographers I know and get the opportunity to look up to! It made my day when they chose me as their photographer! 

' The Lawson Family' 

I've known this family most of my life. It was an honor to be selected to take some updated family photos for them. You may know the tallest son. Clemson Defense End 'Shaq Lawson' who's now a Buffalo Bill's Defensive End. They've always been a great bunch quick to make you laugh. 

'The McJunkin Family 

'The Smith family'

I had the pleasure of photographing Mr & Mrs. Smith Years ago! I'm thankful they selected me to update some family photos! 


The Severance Ladies 

'The Groves Family' 

This sweet family has been through a lot lately. Thankfully through some creative editing I was able to update their family photographs honor the memory of their loved one. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Heiden-Hudson I had the opportunity to photograph the sweet wedding of Tyler & Kourtney Heiden-Hudson.  The location was the Westin Hotel in growing Greenville, South Carolina. Makeup was done by Sabrina Palmer and Hair was done by Abigail Kirkwood. These ladies made an awesome and entertaining team even though they're not a formal team! I love it when everyone can work together flawlessly! 


here are some of my favorites from this sweet & humorous wedding! 

The ladies for sure knew now to start things off. 

The ceremony took place in the 'Gold Room' inside the Westin these sweet shots really made my day. 

Personality is definitely a big thing in this group. Everyone always made it hard for me to keep a straight face. 


details are always important. 

Some of my favorites of just the sweet couple. 

Cute kids we've gotta love them. Seriously I slightly fell in love with this one & her goofiness. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Waldrop I had the opportunity to do something I've never done before. I got to photograph a bride walking towards the aisle on a horse. 

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet couple and photographing their special day. It was a beautiful day in Spartanburg for a small, sweet wedding with all the details you can't help but love. here are some of my favorite images! 

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'IAmYou' Natural Haircare Session I had the pleasure of shooting the images for a new haircare line entitled, 'IamYou' I've known the creator of the product for years now and I was overjoyed when she brought up the idea of me doing a product shoot and possible shooting the cover of her new book. (OMG!!) 


It was a huge opportunity for me and I reached out to the social media world to friends who love rocking their natural hair in a casting call.  Alexis and Jessica are just two of the girls that were willing to come to my rescue! Here are some of my favorite images from the session we attacked downtown Greenville, and apparently I introduced them to parts of downtown they had never been before! <3 (You're welcome small businesses) So thankful for these two ladies and them gracing me with their presence! check out the products in detail and please, please purchase! My girls and I love the products! 



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Senioritis - NakeshiaRenee Style Every year I have the opportunity to photograph several graduates and soon to be graduates! I'm so thankful for the ladies I've had the opportunity to photograph  so far this year!

I love when I get text like " Thank you. You did an Amazing job. The pictures made my mama cry again."

Then I hate that I made mama cry, but I love that they're tears of joy! #LoveMyJob 

Here's some of my favorites! These ladies despite their challenges with classes, responsibilities and everything else life can throw at your have graduated from Anderson University as well as USC Upstate! I'm so PROUD of them like they're my own family. The best sessions always end in hugs and feeling like a part of the family! I can't wait to see what God will do in their lives next and I hope I'm still around to capture the happy moments! <3 

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Always an Adventure Part 1 As a photographer I often get to capture special moments in families lives Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations and more. I'm thankful for the moments that I get to capture some adventures in my own family as well. As a stay at home mom people think I'm supposed to be cleaning and cooking away. In fact I'm probably the direct opposite most of the time. I love cooking and cleaning is a necessity, but I live for a little adventure. The kids aren't old enough to take on hiking trails for hours just yet so we find other ways to have an adventure. 

McKenna decided to immediately step into the water. She doesn't realize it was a hands only experience. Thankfully she's cute, cute, cute and she's always open for an adventure as well. 

Aaliyah got these boots for Christmas. It will be 101 degrees outside and she'll still be wearing them, but she's cute too so it's acceptable.  She's channeling her inner #SaltBae and changing it to #TossRocksBae  She's always up to something. There's not a day that goes by that I'm questioning her thinking process. I feel we'll be in the ER a lot with this one.  We grabbed some penny's out of my wallet and make a few wishes.  We of course how to stroll down Main St. Hand in hand.  We got some ducks, met an international friend and had a blast.

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SURPRISE - I love Love. I love Love. 
Sounds really weird when I say, but it’s true. I love shooting couples who are truly in love. Sometimes sessions can be awkward because people are scared to be themselves, but I try to talk to everyone, pick on them, find common ground and interesting things just to ‘break the ice’.

When they’ve relaxed and gotten comfortable with me some of my favorite images are taken. Flirting, true laughter, clumsiness, shock and my favorite….SURPRISE!!! 

This past weekend I had a few sessions at Furman University beautiful campus and of course while I’m waiting I get to people watch, and explore. 

This first couple has been together for a while and he FINALLY popped the question and surprised us both. I generally ask all my clients ‘Are there any photos you want that I haven’t gotten?’ they both said no they think we got it all. I was like cool! We talked a bit more and he said, “Well, There’s just one more picture I’d like to take.” I was like okay! Getting ready for him to describe what he wanted and being the perceptive detective I noticed him slowly reaching for his back pocket. I knew what was happening. I jumped around to the other side has he got down on one knee and SURPRISE. 

I’m so thrilled I was able to capture this moment for them. I congratulated them, thanked them and when I got in my car I called my mom in excitement like she knew them personally! 

So thrilled for this sweet couple and their family! 




My next Couple was a referral from a previous lovely couple who I got to photograph. They walked up and unfortunately saw me being an awkward nerd standing there on top of something doing calf exercises while on my phone. Why? I don’t know I can tell you I just do stuff. 

They were both down to earth and ready for anything. I was pumped. We had something in mind for their wedding invitations as our sole purpose, but I just can’t stick to one thing so we explored the campus a little bit and had some fun. I wish them all the best with their movie themed wedding! <3 

(Guns are fake $1 store dollar store purchase. No one was hurt or threatened.)



I’m thankful life always has one adventure after another. I’m thankful for surprises and I absolutely LOVE LOVE. 

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2016 Year In Review This year has pretty much been amazing! I didn't realized how busy I was until I was culling through images for this little project! I can't wait for 2017 and the adventures it will bring! <3 

2016 Year in Review Music by AblazeDaArchitek This year has been a great one! Looking forward to 2017!

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