Consider these before booking! 

Choosing a Photographer

1.) To book a photographer give complete details on what you are looking for in your session or event. Things we need to know - how many people will be attending the type of style you are aiming for, a little about yourself and any questions you have for the photographer. 

Timing is Everything 

2.) Time is extremely important before, during, and after the session. Before your session allow plenty of time to discuss details to be on the same page. Give yourself time to get everything prepared for the day of your session. The day of your session, make sure your hair and makeup are done as well as your clothing. Most importantly BE ON TIME for your session. Being on time for the session is a huge part of getting the perfect lighting for your session.
Post Processing 

3.) Most Sessions will be edited and delivered within a week of the session, however, the longer the session, the longer it will take to edit. As for weddings, it will take up to three weeks to edit due to the high volume of images taken. If the images are for business, and there’s a deadline, please let the photographer know at booking, so arrangements are made to hasten this process. 

What do I Wear? 

) Where something that makes you feel GREAT, but also make it comfortable. Keep the location in mind. If we’re going to be in an open field or climbing stairs, high heels aren’t the best shoes. T-shirts with logos, etc. would not work with couples sessions unless there’s a purpose. Partial logos showing in images aren’t ideal. 

Why Hire a Pro? 
A professional photographer works a great deal to provide their clients with the best images possible. Yes, you may be spending a little more than what you expected, but if you want good quality work, it costs. 

'I Don’t Know How to Pose'
6.) No worries! Your photographer will help with posing, but if you see a pose that stands out practice before the session. Photographers are also there to give direction to assist clients to look their very best. The best way to do a natural session is to be you. A session is more fun if it is not all posed. For example, during an engagement session interact with your significant other and make each other laugh. Spin around, dance, hug and connect with each other.  

7.) Why Order Prints Through Your Photographer
Most people like the idea of ordering prints themselves, which is fine....but why should you order prints through a photographer?  Photographers spend hours finding the best printing lab to make the colors and quality of their work stand out. If you take a photographer's work to places such as Walgreens or Wal-mart, it is almost guaranteed you will not get the same look that you received from the photographer. Companies that do not specialize in printing struggle when it comes to high-quality images.




Image Copyrights

"According to U.S. Copyright Law, the photographer owns the copyright, negatives, or digital files on all images shot. In paying them to shoot, you are purchasing their professional services. When you buy "repro rights," you lease the right to USE one or more photos for a specific purpose, and are probably purchasing a COPY of the image as well--generally in print, slide, or digital scan form. " 


A retainer is due to reserve your session. The retainer is non-refundable and subtracts from the final total. The final total is due the day of the session. Payments can be made via cash, PayPal, or credit/debit card.  Base packages include galleries to order prints and products along with a web-based app for mobile devices to view images. Locations used will be around Greenville, SC but am willing to travel for an additional mileage fee. I work with people to the best of my ability.